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Fiona is 15 years old and is living with autism. She is in 8th grade. She is the illustrator and inspiration of "You Are Going To Love Me!: A look at autism through the eyes of a third grader living with autism." She has appeared in numerous television appearances and in many articles online and in newspapers. She is currently working on developing characters for books that help kids with autism to practice their social skills.


She loves to draw and works on it 3-5 hours a day. If she isn't drawing she is playing MindCraft. She is a Girl Scout working on her Silver Award. She hopes to go to art college and become an artist or animator. She is in general ed about 80 percent of the day. She needs a lot of support at school and at home to help her be successful. Just like all of us, Fiona has a dream to find a career doing something she loves. 

“Autism is like a rollercoaster and then it stops.” 

Fiona Hale 

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